As part of Kandor 13, two group shows :
- "Kandor 13", Centro de Arte Pepe Espaliú. Cordoba, Spain / September 22nd
- "Caught in the Influence from Joseph Albers to Cecilia Vicuna", Kolonie Wedding Exhibitions at OKKRaum29 and Rosalux, Berlin, Germany / October 29th.http://www.kandor13.com/editorial/carolinasaquel/

"Co-habitar", Casa da América Latina, Lisbon, Portugal / September 30th

Mecanicas Constructivas (Constructive Mechanics), visual essays specially made for Rotunda Magazine


Carolina Saquel independent lawyer and artist, based in Paris. Saquel uses the moving image as medium for altering perceptions of temporality of seemingly unimportant events and natural subjects. Her work has transited from reflections on painting- the frame as a window to the world- to what could be considered a sculptural use of the moving image.



Série de photographies argentiques (2012 – 2015)

Los Lectores

Livre d’artiste en 120 exemplaires signés et numérotés, 19 x 25 cm fermé. Autoédition.
Artist Book, 120 numbered and signed copies, 19 x 25 cm closed. Self publishing.
if you are interested in the purchase write me an email at: carolina.saquel@gmail.com
30 € + shipping costs

Cuero Vivo

Video. Commissionné et produit par Louis Vuitton Malletier avec la participation de Le Fresnoy, 2010

Variaciones de Escala

SAM_2435 - copie

Variaciones de Escala, Group Show, Centro de Arte La Regenta, Gran Canarias.
Nivelar la distancia, selection of three photographies and one mock up

En voz alta


Exposition personnelle. Galerie AFA, Santiago, Chili

Crossover projects, collaborations, other formats.

Revue Chimères


Images de couverture, intérieures, conception graphique et graphisme pour Revue Chimères (revue de schizoanalyse fondée par Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari)

Protocolo de acercamiento

En voz Alta_28

Deux tables de 200 x 160 x 90 cm chacune, bois, vitre, 56 impressions laser dimensions variables, son stéréo, 1 hautparleur / Two tables, 200 x 160 x 90 cm each, wood, glass, 56, laser prints, variable dimensions, stereo sound, 1 speaker.