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  • Statement. "Fictions of the formless" par Maria Berrios FR/ENG/ESP
  • "Los Lectores" FR/ENG/ESP
  • "Pentimenti" par Barbara Le Maître FR/ENG
  • "Figures de métamorphoses climatiques", par Evgenia Giannuri FR/ENG



Born in Chile, Carolina Saquel is both lawyer and visual artist. She works mostly with moving images, photography and increasingly taking part in multidisciplinary and collective projects.

The selection of pieces of work presented here are organized chronologically starting from at the top with the most recent. Texts are written in Spanish, French and English (and sometimes languages are mixed up).

Since 2014,Saquel takes part in Ensayos, a nomadic interdisciplinary residency program in Tierra del Fuego.


Série de photographies argentiques (2012 – 2015)

Los Lectores

Livre d’artiste en 120 exemplaires signés et numérotés, 19 x 25 cm fermé. Autoédition.
Artist Book, 120 numbered and signed copies, 19 x 25 cm closed. Self publishing.
if you are interested in the purchase write me an email at:
30 € + shipping costs

Variaciones de Escala

SAM_2435 - copie

Variaciones de Escala, Group Show, Centro de Arte La Regenta, Gran Canarias.
Nivelar la distancia, selection of three photographies and one mock up

En voz alta


Exposition personnelle. Galerie AFA, Santiago, Chili

Crossover projects, collaborations, other formats.

Revue Chimères


Images de couverture, intérieures, conception graphique et graphisme pour Revue Chimères (revue de schizoanalyse fondée par Gilles Deleuze et Félix Guattari)

Protocolo de acercamiento

En voz Alta_28

Deux tables de 200 x 160 x 90 cm chacune, bois, vitre, 56 impressions laser dimensions variables, son stéréo, 1 hautparleur / Two tables, 200 x 160 x 90 cm each, wood, glass, 56, laser prints, variable dimensions, stereo sound, 1 speaker.