About me

Corporal gestures; the History of Painting and its genres; the observation of nature stripped of human presence; cinematographic, literary and documentary references are several points of departure for my work in video and photography. Utilizing a prolonged temporality, I explore the perception of time and its passing as well as that of movement and its inflection, transforming these “objects” in order to find strangeness in the banal.

My full CV (English version)

My bio and filmography

Ritmo deambular

Fanzine 16 pages, 21×14.8 cm open, printed in bond paper 80g, black and white

Paso Galope

Video, color, stereo sound, 7’21”, 2014-2018 (excerpt).
Repetir hacia adelante, solo exhibition

Untitled (Landscape)

Untitled (Landscape) 2014-2016
series of analog black & white photos, digital print on baryta paper, 60 x 85 cm

Selected Exhibitions

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Repetir hacia adelante


Solo exhibition, Galeria de Arte Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile
7 december – 3 january 2019

Precarious Simmetry


Ariel Bustamante and Carolina Saquel
MADA Gallery, Melbourne Australia, April – May 2018
Curated by Camila Marambio as part of the making of the webseries Distancia.

Crossover projects and other formats

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Crossover projects, collaborations, other formats.

Revue Chimères

61, cover, images and text

Cover, images, graphic design for Revue Chimères ( schizoanalyse magazine founded by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari)

Protocolo de acercamiento

En voz Alta_28

Two tables, 200 x 160 x 90 cm each, wood, glass, 56, laser prints, variable dimensions, stereo sound, 1 speaker.