Untitled (Landscape)

Untitled (Landscape) 2014-2016 series of analog black & white photos, digital print on baryta paper, 60 x 85 cm


Series of analogical double exposed b&w photographies, selection (2012 - 2015)

Los Lectores

Artist's Book, 120 numbered and signed copies, 19 x 25 cm closed. Self publishing. if you are interested in purchasing Los Lectores, please write me an email at: 30 € + shipping costs

Nivelar la distancia

Nivelar la distancia. Series of medium format color photographies, lambda print, 100 x 81 cm each


16 mm sur dvd, n&b et couleur, silencieux, 6' (2004-2006)


Video color, silent, 16', 2001 (excerpt)