Cucu & her Fishes

Video, color, stereo sound, 41’31’’, 2020

Produced by Ensayos & New Museum, New York

video still

Cucú and Her Fishes (Act 1), produced by Ensayos and the New Museum, is inspired by Fefu and Her Friends (1977), an avant-garde feminist work by Cuban-American director and playwright María Irene Fornés (1930 – 2018). Nine Ensayistas began meeting to rehearse weekly in March 2020, illustrating compositional and somatic exercises including Fornés’ generative writing, Cote Junemann’s channeling, Camila Marambio’s METitative prompts to develop characters and their dialogues. Ensayistas are not professional actresses, they are a group of artists, scientists, and activists who collaborate in these eco-cultural inquiries: Bárbara Saavedra, Carolina Saquel, Caitlin Franzmann, Hema’ny Molina, Carla Macchiavello, Denise Milstein, Christy Gast, Randi Nygård, Camila Marambio.