Difficulty of Crossing a Plain

HD& 2K, video, color, stereo sound, 29’25’’, 2010 – 2011 (excerpt)

Difficulty of Crossing a Plain is a free and personal appropriation of the fantastic genre film « An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge » (Robert Enrico 1962, inspired by the homonyms novel of Ambrose Bierce) in which the imminent execution of a civilian in the American Civil War taking place in a forest, over a bridge with a flowing river, transforms into a mystical and mysterious story.  

The sequences are altered back and forth to film fragments, the original soundtrack, re-created sounds, the filming locations in the Cévennes and the conversation with one secondary actor of the film. Together, we visited the shooting locations, in particular the bridge – the main axis of the plot – but in the intimacy of his house we watched the film together while discussing his own experience as an improvised actor of the film, his memories.

Dificultad para cruzar un plano es una apropiación libre y personal de la película de género fantástico ” An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge ” (Robert Enrico 1962, inspirada en la novela homónima de Ambrose Bierce) en la que la inminente ejecución de un civil en la Guerra Civil Americana en un bosque, sobre un puente, con un río que fluye, se transforma en una historia mística y misteriosa.

Funded by Gobierno de Chile, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y de las Artes 2009, with participation of Le Fresnoy, Studio nacional des arts contemporains, Tourcoing.

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Difficulty of Crossing a Plain, still
Difficulty of Crossing a Plain, still
Difficulty of Crossing a Plain, still