La catastrofe es amarilla

Catastrophe is Yellow

Three video installations : Figures devant une métamorphose. Mur IFigures devant une métamorphose. Mur II / Dialogue d’insectes

Commission and production Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona. Co-production Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains.

Invited to create works linked to those of Joan Miró, Carolina Saquel was inspired by the Catalan painter’s reflection on the pictorial space and by the poetic quality of his paintings and their titles and in fact has borrowed from him the titles of her videos shown in Espai 13. The videos shown here are also marked by a rejection of the illusion of depth and by a reflection – also found in Miró – on the transition from one state to another and the relationship between the moving and the fixed. Saquel explores “the way movement is found in immobility and the point at which things that are naturally mobile come to a stop”.*
By slowing down or speeding up her images, and by the use of the dissolve between the shots, Saquel merges space and time, thereby giving an air of strangeness to an ordinary landscape and offering us the experience of a different temporality.

Excerpt from text by Marie Thérèse Champesme. *Quotations taken from Carolina Saquel’s notes